She Locked Herself.

Yes, she did!

We were out in the patio waiting for the Big Brother to come home from his art lesson in school. I was taking pictures of the different flowers in our garden when Martha went inside the house. Minutes later, she was calling my name and all I was doing was say, “Yes Bei?” over and over (was trying to get some bokeh on my flower shots).

She cried.

And when I checked, our screen door was locked. So I tried to remain calm and instructed her to open the screen door. She reacted by telling me “Mommy other one lang, li lang ha?” (meaning the back door to the dirty kitchen). I always keep it locked din.

So she cried for 30 minutes. I was about to really tear a hole in the screen when the Big Brother came up with a BRILLIANT idea.

Paunahan sila magbukas ng pinto. Mabilis pa sa alas-kwatro bukas na ang pinto. Haaaaay.

Martha has this habit of closing doors and locking them. If she sees a door that is open, she makes sure to close them. And so she did today. Ill make sure to have the lock get raised up a bit so she wouldnt be able to play with it anymore.

Kataranta. This is going to make my skin have a breakout due to stress Id need acne products already!!!

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