We have no SUN here.

Im talking about our house and the lack of signal from SUN, our cellphone provider.

I have to leave my phone outside the house, in the patio to be able to receive messages and get calls. It’s quite a bummer because we are using a postpaid plan so we dont have any choice. I have an extra phone with my very nice SMART phone number but I still have to charge it – I dont have any charger for my trusty Nokia1110 anymore.

My Dad wants my SUN phone because it is very user friendly and wants to trade it with his RAZR. Id love to get it but Im so sure the RAZR will be destroyed in a matter of days (my daughter plays with my phone). Plus, I need to unlock my SUN phone so he can use it as well. There are a lot of unlocked cell phones for sale though. We might just get one for him there.