White Kitchen



I will never get tired saying this – someday I will own dream white kitchen. It doesn’t matter if I don’t cook – I will have it :). All I need is more prayers, more blessings and a lot of hard work to make this dream come true :)

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A Kate Spade Bureau


If only I can keep a mess like this as lovely. All the mess in the house seems so, well, MESSY!  My workstation is filled with cables and random stuff like printed boxes, ballpens, ponytails, makeup-bags, spare coins and post-its everywhere. I really need a bulletin board I think. I have a tendency to write everything down, it’s my way of mentally taking note of it in my mind (visualization) but the stuff is now everywhere!

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Ensuring Safety at Home

You might have a beautiful home but the very first thing you should always bear in mind is the safety of the people who will be living in your home. Make sure that you have gadget protectors such as corner locks, outlet protectors and stair railings if you have kids at home. Aside from the usual medical supplies you need to have on standby, make sure you also have anti-poisoning and the numbers of nearby hospitals, ambulances and 911 by the phone.

Make sure that possible objects that have mercury and lead content are disposed of properly and are far from reach of children. I know that the energy saving bulbs these days might have mercury content, so better switch for now as kids might play with it and it might be a source of problem.

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Custom Labels

When you have a home, you might have probably reached a point when you needed to depend on labels to function, or more often than not, operate appliances, electronics and gadgets. I remember how my husband would always tell me to keep labels, instruction manuals and even boxes of things we buy because we might need them in the future.

Labels are there to help make your life easier. Imagine if all our electric gadgets didn’t have labels on them, we might end up blowing up the house. I remember I ruined two appliances because I plugged them into the wrong outlet (I didn’t read the label!).

Labels are more often used to show ownership of certain things. It also works as a trade-mark for the company and make the customer familiar with the brand. It is a distinctive name given to the product. Think how Whirlpool and GE got their household name status, they effectively branded their labels into their appliances. In an industrial setting, Custom Printed Labels are required by law to ensure safety as well. Sometimes, Custom Labels need to run on a specific size and have specific colors (loud and bright colors in a black background most of the time) to make sure they are noticed right away.

Notice even grocery stores have a Custom Label on their price stickers. This is to ensure that fraud will not happen and to protect the quality of merchandise they offer at their store.

You now know how important labels are. They need to withstand the extremes in temperature and the wear and tear sometimes is associated with appliances. The print on labels must not wear off as easily. Data Graphics Inc. has been in the business for 25 years now and they offer custom labels in all kinds of materials.

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Lovely Breakfast Nook

 imageWhile looking for an effective hgh supplement

for a patient of my Dad, I saw this lovely breakfast nook. The splash of yellow in the pantry door is perfect! I am loving the bay windows too. That’s one of the things I really want in my house, specifically in our room. This nook can be a reading nook, a place to get assignments of the kids done, even do some surfing on my laptop done!