Spring Cleaning

imageI strongly suggest you follow Simple Mom. She has inspiring posts not only for the family but also for running the household. She now is hosting a weekly series entitled Spring Cleaning and she is now on the topic of decluttering.

As she puts it, decluttering would never be successful if we don’t throw away stuff, because the essence of the word is really getting rid of clutter. We always need to declutter, whether in our household, social lives or technology gadgets. It’s a never ending process. Perhaps if we stop acquiring needless and useless stuff, then we would gradually get rid of the need of it. But I doubt it will happen anytime soon. So whether you need to stock up on cards, pond uv filters, paper, toilet paper that is on sale – think about it first. Do we need it? Will we use it soon? Or we are just taking advantage of what they call “sale” but in essence it’s just the mall getting rid of their clutter.

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