How to install Country Courtains by Yourself

Draperies, curtains and poles are all essential accessories in every house. They can control the amount of heat and light to be entered into the room. If you are into country decorating, you should naturally use country curtains for your window to help achieve your theme. Use log-cabin themed furniture pieces and add tart burners and you are done!

It can be simple to set up curtains, but it depends on the overall outcome of the type of curtains that are installed.

The first step to hanging curtains would be to take the necessary measurements of the window. Measuring correctly would be very important to ensuring the correct sizing and fit for the curtains.

The type of curtains that are chosen and used makes a difference as well. Be sure to buy curtains that are a little bit longer then the length of the measurement by just a few inches. Remember, the curtains normally go a couple inches above the actual window or door frame.

As with the size of the curtain to purchase, the size of the curtain rod is important as well. The rod should just be a couple inches longer the widest part of the area as well. The rod sometimes come with the rings to match. If not, then purchase ones that would match the color of the rod.

Here are a few basic hardware items that you might need:
Pole ends/finials (leaves, twigs, spears, fruit, etc.)
Curtain clips