Some Inspiring Open-Spaced Living Rooms

I have always admired open-spaced living rooms. There is something about rooms without partitions that are appealing to my eye, and how bits and pieces of furniture divide spaces and make an eclectic design. We were discussing the best cigar deals we can get so we can give them away as Christmas gifts when we stumbled upon these images and I just had to save (and blog) them so it can inspiration pieces for us when we finally have a house of our own.

Living Rooms

Living Rooms

Living Rooms

ATV Trail Riding For The Whole Family

Are you the adventurous type? Although many people may not think that trail riding is an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family, ATV trail riding can be enjoyed by everyone ages 10 and up at

An all terrain vehicle or an ATV is a motorcycle that has four wheels and low pressure tires. This vehicle is designed to handle a wide range of terrain, making it excellent for trail riding. For those who prefer to be even more adventurous by using dirt bikes, these are also available at

Trail riding is basically riding your vehicle on a predetermined route composed of natural trails and roads. It is an excellent activity for families who have bigger kids already and who love spending time outdoors. offer excellent packages that often include use of the ATV, taxes, gas, gear, and food. They even offer optional insurance so that you do not have to worry about any accidents or damages that could happen to the ATV.

ATV trail riding can be exciting and fun. Although it can also be challenging for some of those who will be riding an ATV for the first time, it is a vehicle that can be easily mastered. Below are some tips that will help you fully enjoy your first ATV trail riding experience.

·         Get to know your ATV. Once you have your ATV on your hands, get to know it. Have a feel of all the necessary controls that you will need such as the brakes, the throttle, the choke, and other controls. Even though your rented ATV has probably been inspected, it will also be good to check your tire pressure, the wheel nuts, the axle nuts, the oil, the fuel, and the coolant levels. Ride your ATV and test the action of the brake levers, throttle, and foot shifter.
·         Practice. Even if you have handled an ATV before, it is important to practice before going off with one that you have never handled before. Choose a spacious and flat terrain where you can practice the basic maneuvers. Drive your ATV in a straight line to practice starting and stopping.
·         Observe proper posture. Riding your ATV with the proper posture can do wonders to how well you handle your ATV. Like most motorcycles, an ATV can perform and respond better if you move and shift your body appropriately while riding your ATV.
·         Be conservative. When riding your ATV in rough terrain or while climbing hills, it is good to be conservative to prevent overturning your ATV. If you think your ATV cannot handle a particular uphill climb, it is good to be on the safe side and not try it anymore.
·         Ride with a partner. To ensure your safety, it is always best to ride with someone. It will be even better if you go ATV trail biking with a group so families are ideal.

So the next time you are out of vacation ideas for your family, try ATV trail riding with and prepare for the ride of your life.

Mexico Vacation Rentals (Rocky Point)

With temperatures steadily dropping, many of my friends in the East Coast are dreading how cold winter season is going to be and even wishing that summer would extend for just a bit longer. A friend of mine who is prone to bronchitis during cold weather has even gone as far as to file a leave for two weeks during the harshest winter season, January. And you can assume that she is going to somewhere nicer and warmer – sun, sand and beach – Mexico! With coasts along the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Gulf, Mexico is known as one of the world’s top beach destinations.

After looking at various hotels and rentals, she decided to go for rocky point homes. These home are located right by the beach, offering you a gorgeous sunrise and amazing sunset with the sea facing your home all day and night. She booked a house in Costa Diamonte, located along the famous Sandy Beach!

Since she is coming with friends and family, booking a house rental instead of a hotel is actually more feasible and cheaper in the long run – they can also cook and have a free run of the place. I am quite jealous that she would be sunbathing in Mexico while we would be turning on our heaters in the awful dead of winter!

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Pictures on the Wall

I take a lot of pictures of my family. I am the designated memory keeper of the house. Instead of hanging art or paintings I’d prefer to decorate our house’s walls with pictures – LOTS of them. Aside from wishing vintage tubs, I also am wishing that I somehow can decorate our walls with pictures without it being too trashy and cluttered. It’s a good thing I saw this beautiful home, I can stash these pictures in my ideas folder!

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Beach House or Log Cabin in the Mountains

The minute I saw this house I knew it would be a perfect resthouse – whether by the beach or in the mountains. This is the sort of house that begs for a view outside so a beautiful scenery is a must. Of course, you might just need to have access to rv emergency roadside assistance just in case something happens but this house would be a perfect escape from the stress the city can give you!

Here are its views by night and day:

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