Playing Poker: The “Reading” People Trick

Poker has been getting all the raves right now – poker night among buddies has replaced friday nights at the bar and are usually present during game nights too – playing poker while watching football, baseball or basketball games.

Reading people is often one of the most difficult things to do in online poker. After all, you can’t see them. However, you do have a limited set of tools that you can use.

The first tip is to be generally aware of the wealth level of your fellow players. This applies primarily to table play; tournament play requires a much different style and approach.

After you get a general awareness of their wealth level, you’ll want to pay attention to the timing. If they call instantly, it shows eagerness, while a longer amount of time prior to calling shows that they are contemplating it. Both of these things can be falsified by players who want to give a certain impression, so pay attention to how they play certain hands, and use the “previous hand” feature to get a good concept of a player’s style.

Now, another hit among male friends (and even females) is playing online games – like those that feature a no deposit casino bonus. I personally have not tried it yet but I think that if you know how to control yourself, it can be quite an entertaining and enjoyable experience. Who doesn’t want to play games when there is nothing else to do on a Friday night, right?

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