Organization Loveliness

I have quite this strong urge to organize, label and declutter our whole house. I have tagged this urge as “Mission (im)Possible” and have slowly been accumulating ideas over at Pinterest on how to approach organization. Now I want to buy labels and baskets for everything! Acid cigars in humidors are no match for what I plan to do with our home after I am finished!

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Fluorescent Light Fixtures, Fullspectrum Light Bulbs, and More From Lights By H&H

Some of the products such as fluorescent light fixtures and fullspectrum light bulbs from Lights By H&H.

Aside from the refrigerator, I would assume that our home lights are the electrical fixtures that are turned on most of the time. And why not? When night time comes, we absolutely need to turn it on to be able to do something.

Candles and gas lamps are a thing of the past. It therefore makes sense to have a light manufacturer that does not only have the expertise to create great bright lights such as fluorescent light fixtures for every need but it must also have a good and lasting quality. Lights by H&H fits those categories very well and they have the means to give quality service with each and every light.

The company commitment to quality has been its trademark. If you want the best quality lights such as fullspectrum light bulbs and cfl light bulbs, you need to have a company which has been through every scenario and done just about every difficult lighting job for many years. You also need a company which has a history of providing good quality service. H&H can be proud of the following:

  • The company has been around for about 50 years
  • They have provided service for elite companies like Delta Air Lines and Mitsubishi
  • Has been able to provide service to companies across North America and to locations in South America and Europe
  • The current CEO has been awarded the Illinois Small Business Award

H&H has a wide array of lighting expertise. Do you have a special need for a specific business or profession? It’s probably something that H&H has in its catalogue of over 2000 products. You see, the company does not just sell simple fluorescent lights. They cater to different scenarios and definite needs for its many customers. Some of its specialties include:

  • Lighting For Dental Laboratories and Dentists
  • Lighting for Paint Spray booths and Automotive Body Shops
  • Lighting for Jewelry Stores and Fine Dining displays
  • Lighting for Medical Care Facilities
  • Lighting for Grocery Stores

A sign that a company is a leader in its field is if it comes up with a great innovation. That is exactly what H&H has produced with Vi-Tek 93 Plus Fluorescent Lamps. The light emitted from these bulbs has a bright natural outdoor light which is not possible with ordinary fluorescent ones. Some characteristics include:

  • Brightest in the world for Full Spectrum Natural Daylight Lamps
  • Average power savings of 54%
  • Light from a 40-watt tube produces
  • Shadows, dark spots and blackening are prevented even after thousands of hours of use
  • Visual perception is enhance because the colors appear as they would outdoors

Any company that can back up its claim of quality for a long period of time is a company that has integrity and honesty. H&H will replace any bulb which has not lived up to its promised longevity. This is, in effect, peace of mind being offered and it is one commodity that is very much prized nowadays. They have bulbs which have a five year warranty that easily exceeds the three year service contract that is offered by most leading providers.

Spring Fashion Trends Translating into Home Decor

Fashion has never been as trendy as it now. Trends are more pronounced from western handbags to accessories and even nail color and have even extended to home decor and interior decorating!

Dont believe me? See for yourself!

Color Blocking:
Home Style: Wohn Idee
Street Style: Sterling Style

Home Style: Homelife
Street Style: Free People

Home Style: Urban Outfitters
Street Style:

Mixed Prints:
Home Style: Caitlin Wilson Design
Street Style: Late Afternoon

Home Style: Elle Decoration UK
Street Style: Be Frassy

How to Save Money When Using Your Aircon

I finally bit the bullet and conceded to buy an aircon for the house. The casablanca ceiling fans at just cant conquer the summer heat. I am having trouble sleeping at night already. Actually, I was dying to get an aircon. My husband was just hesitant to get one because he is worried about the electricity bill. But I think these tips helped convince him. Hopefully we can buy a unit this week and finally be able to sleep peacefully!

Save with “Do It Yourself” Maintenance

Clean or replace filters regularly on air conditioners; keep outside units free from leaves or debris that may clog vents.
Clean the outside condenser coils of your heat pump or central air conditioner. It is OK to hose off the outdoor part of your air conditioner or heat pump, even while it is running.

Save with the Way You Operate Your Air Conditioner

Set the fan speed of your air conditioner on high, except in very humid weather. When it’s humid, set the speed on low; you will get slower cooling but more moisture will be removed from the air. Dryer air will make you feel cooler.
Turn off your air conditioner when you leave home for an hour or longer. Read this to find out why SAVE MONEY; SHUT OFF THE AIR CONDITIONER WHEN YOU ARE GONE. Leave your heat pump running unless you will be gone for more than a day.

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Cleaning Your Shower Curtain

After reading the indigo-3g side effects from a site, I decided to just work out and exercise to lose some pounds. One of the chores I needed to do was clean the bathroom, especially the shower curtain as it has accumulated soap scum at the ends of it for quite awhile.

Bodies combined with bar soap equal soap scum. Toss in possible hard water, and a shower curtain means you are looking at one dirty shower curtain.

Removing Soap Scum

Soap scum and soap film on shower curtains is not a pretty site. But there is an easy way to remove it. Place the shower curtain in the washer with a few large towels. Add detergent and 1 cup of vinegar. Wash on gentle cycle. Remove the curtain right after the spin cycle and hang it back in the shower to dry.

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