Setting Up Your Own Coffee Bar at Home

Who loves coffee?

Me, most definitely. While I do not need the professional restaurant catering equipment kind, I do enjoy coffee with a great presentation and design plus taste of course. In short, the whole package!

I pinned this over at Pinterest and I should have included these in our wedding registry seven years ago.

What would you want? Let me know!

Source: via Aggie on Pinterest

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How to Style a Bookcase

Source: via Aggie on Pinterest

A tip I need since this is my project of the month – organize, declutter and work on the kids’ bookshelves!
I hope I can finish them by the end of the month.

Kid Areas

My kids are past the age where they do clutter with toys. They are ages 6 and 11 so I think study areas will be more apt for their needs. I have been gathering ideas at Pinterest and I have seen these:

Source: via Aggie on Pinterest

Source: via Aggie on Pinterest

I like the second one because I can have them situated near my workroom too. Look beyond the table and you will notice there is a day bed too. So nice isn’t it?

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Dining Kitchenette

Source: via Aggie on Pinterest

This would be a great extension to a kitchen if I would not be able to get my dream of having bay windows near our kitchen. I imagine sipping coffee here, having breakfast with my husband and checking e-mails every morning.

Online Couponing Tips & Tricks for a Heavier Grocery Bag

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Couponing is growing in popularity. Shoppers are finding it is a way to stick to a budget and get bargains. It is no secret that coupons are found in newspapers, but coupons are also available online.

Even price comparisons are completed online. There are plenty of online couponing tips and tricks available for a heavier grocery bag. Going online to handle this is a helpful way to find the best deals without using tons of fuel. A plan is made that fits the shopper’s need and done from home.

There are couponing websites available that have information readily available and store websites are another option. Also forums and blogs provide coupons or ideas on where to find coupons. Keep in mind these websites, especially for stores, change their coupons regularly. Winning lotto strategies are good examples of tips and tricks that is used to help shoppers save. Those interested in online couponing need a place to start and ways to continue success throughout the process.

Authentic Coupons

Make sure coupons online are authentic. This is more than just checking the expiration date it also needs to come from a legitimate website, such as the store or manufacture. Plus, look up the store’s policy and find out any guidelines, such as not excepting online or printed coupons. Another thing to look for is placing coupons on a store rewards card. No printing or paper is involved because it automatically works when swiping the card a check-out. Just indicate these coupons on the shopping list to help remember they are available.

Whether couponing is something that is a constant part of life or something done to help meet a certain budget in hard times it is an option that just might suit the family’s needs. Stories are out there that indicates how much couponing helps shoppers save big at each shopping trip. Clipping and using coupons is like playing the lottery because if used correctly the shopper can really feel like a winner when they get a great deal while couponing. If interested, learn more about the lotto and winning.


Pay close attention to details from clipping coupons and placing them with like items to searching ads to keep track of sales. Make it at least a weekly job to go through coupons. Compare coupons and sales with needed items. Being organized and doing the research will help draw the shopper to the best price. A coupon does not mean it is the best price option and research will show if it does or does not fit the bill. There are times when other savings options provide the best price.

Shoppers have different methods of organizing. It could be having an easy to carry container or binder with sections for each type of product coupon. Perhaps it is organized alphabetically; it could be according to the store lay-out or expiration date, for some examples. The point of organizing actual coupons is to have easy access and to know what is available. This will help the shopper take advantage of all sales and discount available to them. Try to remember to keep the organizer close because a trip to the store could happen anytime.

Another important tip is to create good time management. It can take time to search for the right deals and coupons. This process will cost minimal time up front compared to the huge earnings over time. It is opportunities that will compensate for that initial time spend.