Keeping Warm At Home


While we do not experience winter where I live, it can get really cold especially during this time of the year.

We do not need space heaters though – so our electricity bill thankfully does not shoot up (not unless we go crazy with the Christmas lights!). Here are some ways to save energy and still keep warm:

1.) Use a programmable thermostat

2.) Heat your home with zones

3.) Turn down the heat at night

4.) Consider using space heaters

5.) Run ceiling fans in reverse

6.) Insulate windows and doors

7.) Have your heater system serviced

8.) Check your attic insulation

9.) Let the sun in!

10.) Upgrade your appliances.

Ways to Refresh Your Home

If your credit card has taken a beating shopping for Christmas season and you want a new look for your home – look no further! Here are ways to refresh your home without spending a single centavo!

1. Declutter Your Space

Begin in one room and slowly declutter drawers, closets, file cabinets, etc. Don’t do too much at once because you might get overwhelmed and want to quit. In addition to simplifying what doesn’t immediately “meet the eye”, declutter your home decor.

2. Rearrange Your Furniture and Accessories

Consider rearranging the furniture placement in your living spaces. It is so much fun to play with different furniture arrangements. Even if you think you won’t like a certain arrangement try it for a few days – you might be quite surprised. The couch cushion can look great with a new quilt.

3. Repurpose and Recycle Items You Have

4. Paint An Accent Wall

5. Go Green With Plants and Cut Flowers

Choosing the Right Type of Driveway Paving

While many people will neglect their driveway, this structure is extremely important and it has a large role to play for your property. First, your driveway is built to be able to hold your vehicles and other large items. A solidly built driveway can help to protect your vehicles and they can also make sure that these machines are kept clean and looking great. A good driveway will also be able to provide protection to boats and other pieces of sporting equipment. Your driveway also plays an essential role in the overall look and appearance of your property, since it will be one of the first things that most people will see when they come to your home. Because of the importance of your driveway, you will want to make sure that you choose the right type of pavement for your needs and wants. Here is a quick look at the basics of choosing the right type of local driveway paving in MA.




Asphalt is a popular driveway paving material since it is both strong and cheap. The great benefit of asphalt is that it can look amazing for many properties. This material has an extremely dark color, which is nearly impossible to achieve with any other paving material. Asphalt also has the benefit of being able to resist cold temperatures well, especially when it has been properly treated with a sealant. Asphalt does have the problem of being vulnerable to the heat, often becoming soft and vulnerable during hot weather.



If you are looking for the strongest material for local driveway paving in MA, look no further than concrete. This material is able to withstand an enormous amount of weight and pressure, making it perfect for holding large vehicles and other pieces of equipment. Concrete can also come in a variety of different colors, though, it is difficult to achieve dark and rich colors. While concrete is both strong and durable, it can easily become damaged during cold weather if water enters into a crack and expands, causing the crack to become much worse over time as it continues to expand and deepen.

Strategies for Searching for a New Home

Buying a new home can be scary, but with the right process, it should be exciting. There are many considerations that come with buying a new home, including acquiring a real estate agent. Finding a good agent can help save you some of the stress that comes with purchasing a new home. So what are some good strategies before and during your search for homes for sale in Pasadena, CA?

Before the Search

It may sound obvious, but purchasing a home requires a lot of money. What may not be as obvious is all of the factors that can add to the cost, which is why it is important to make up a list of your current finances and income to find out what you can afford in a new home. Besides the purchasing price and down payment, you will also need to consider the cost of utilities for the new home, closing costs, interests, taxes, and extra spending that comes with a new home, such as yard upkeep and house repairs. You should also check your credit report and have any mistakes corrected. Your credit score can affect your ability to not only acquire a better interest rate on a mortgage, but could determine your chances of getting a loan in the first place. Getting pre-approved for a home loan is also helpful. Pre-approval, which is different than pre-qualifying, will best determine what exactly you can and cannot afford for a new home.

The Search

Once you have your number from your mortgage preapproval, it is time to find an agent. A real estate agent should be familiar with the area you are shopping in, as well as taking all of your needs and wants in a new home into consideration. A good agent will also be able to help you sort through the paperwork, including establishing a fair offer once you find a desirable house. Make sure to have a list of things you are looking for in a home, such as location, features, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, yard size, and more, making sure to consider which are “must haves” and what you can do without, if needed. When viewing homes for sale in Pasadena, CA, make sure to take notes on what you liked and didn’t like about each property to help aide you in the decision process later.

Mowing Your Lawn

Having a short cut and manicured style of lawn will require special maintenance from the lawn owner. The lawn will need to kept in the best of health at all times in order to continue to thrive at these low heights. A yearly fertilizing program is vital to keep the sod healthy and green, as well as a watering regimen which aims to promote a very deep root system to allow the lawn to tolerate heat and drought conditions.

Lawns that are cut low are very prone to drying out of the topsoil underneath the lawn, as well as the burning of the short leaf and thatch layer of the sod when we keep our lawns at these low heights. And its only when we have a deep and healthy root system with these short cut lawns that will allow them to thrive in these conditions.

Lawns cut low are also far less shade tolerant than lawns which are maintained at higher cutting heights, so we should always remember to raise our lawn mowing heights whenever our lawns begin to encroach into shaded areas.