Summer Plans

It’s summer and vacation has started for the kids. I am still thinking of what activities or summer lessons they can do so they won’t get bored at home. I also do not want to overdo it because I want them to rest after a long schoolyear. They need to fatten up too. They are going to a different school next year and would be out the whole day.

Kid 1 is going to compete for a Nationals Competition in a week so it has been taking much of his time. After that we would need to focus on finding the right high school for him. It all goes by too fast!

Kid 2 is staying at home. I feel she has gotten too thin so my project is to fatten her up. She would be celebrating her 7th birthday soon and she wants a party. I also want her to read more so reading a book a day is part of the plan.

Health is wealth
I have been doing an hour of brisk walking on the treadmill for close to two weeks now. I plan to keep it up until I lose a significant amount of weight. I want to try yoga too. I have yet to buy some yoga clothing at thought.

Job & Money
The husband and I are working double time to cover expenses from enrollment to birthday party to summer lessons. It never ends.

Project Spring Cleaning

Once the kids are done with their swimming lessons I will be tackling some major spring cleaning at home. We badly need to get rid of stuff (again). We need to do this every month so it won’t pile up! Recently we had purchased new stuff for the house and ended up misplacing some items so we need to find a new place for them too. I think I won’t be needing any fat burner as I will be up to my elbows cleaning all week!

Doing a Little Bit of Spring Cleaning

Our house is due for some deep spring cleaning anytime soon. I am actually scheduling it in two weeks, once school is out for the kids (so I can throw, give away and recycle their school stuff). I haven’t really decluttered since before Christmas and I know I would need to throw out a few toys too. It’s a good thing we don’t have any carpets at home or else I would need to employ carpet cleaning raleigh nc services too.

According to a post by SimpleMom, the first thing you need to “spring clean” is your closet. So I need to prepare myself for it! I even downloaded her printable list. It says to make sure to try one EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF CLOTHING in the closet so you can decide whether it should stay or go.

Oh no. I might not have clothes left after this!

Spring Cleaning

imageI strongly suggest you follow Simple Mom. She has inspiring posts not only for the family but also for running the household. She now is hosting a weekly series entitled Spring Cleaning and she is now on the topic of decluttering.

As she puts it, decluttering would never be successful if we don’t throw away stuff, because the essence of the word is really getting rid of clutter. We always need to declutter, whether in our household, social lives or technology gadgets. It’s a never ending process. Perhaps if we stop acquiring needless and useless stuff, then we would gradually get rid of the need of it. But I doubt it will happen anytime soon. So whether you need to stock up on cards, pond uv filters, paper, toilet paper that is on sale – think about it first. Do we need it? Will we use it soon? Or we are just taking advantage of what they call “sale” but in essence it’s just the mall getting rid of their clutter.